210_Cover_EdiblePark_WEBIn our gardens at Madestein, in the Zuiderpark & next to the allotment gardens of ‘Nut & Genoegen’ the Edible Park Foundation works on creating a healthy, green and viable city. The three ethical principles of permaculture ‘Good for the planet, good for people and fair share’ are our guide.

For an English description of the art project Edible Park please read this article on the website of Stroom Den Haag. Here you will find more information about the book that was published about the art project ‘Edible Park’.

For more information please contact us via info@eetbaar-park.nl

You are also welcome to come and visit the gardens during opening hours:

  • Edible Park at the Zuiderpark: Monday from 10:00 tot 13:00 & Wednesday from10:00 tot 13:00 Address: Vreeswijkstraat 60, The Haque (behind the Esso-station)   Contact: Menno 0626130464
  • Edible Park at Nut & Genoegen: Monday from van 13:00 tot 16:00 & Thursday from 10:00 tot 16:00 Address: Meppelweg 882, The Haque (left from the parking) Contact: Tom 070-3621287
  • Edible Park Madestein: in principle all mornings of the workweek, sometimes also in het weekend  Address:  Loosduinse Hoofdstraat next to 1184, The Haque (behind the city gardens from “Pluk! Den Haag” ) Contact:

Feel free to call, if you want to be sure we’re there.  It is nice to visit the tree gardens to see three different approaches!

Want to learn more about permaculture? The introduction in this article says it all in just a few paragraphs!

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